Visionaries who have contributed to set the vortex in motion.

Steve Bicknell

30Years of Techno, a true UK Legend. An unswerving visionary guided by a deep devotion to music that inspires and a desire to present it in the purest way possible.

Claudio PRC

Deep techno specialist who takes cues from avant-garde and ambient music as well as the abyssal echoes of early hypnotic acid and dub. His refined sound awakens emotions, hidden energies and inner resources.

Giorgio Gigli

Voids, drones and dilated melodies turn into hypnotic sounds that move away from classic techno aesthetics. A risks-taking performer, always evolving, never still. 


A journey into dub, deep and dark ambient. His tracks perfectly reflect the so-called ‘Japanese sound' , like endless tunnels that explore the abysses of the ocean.

JK Flesh

JK FLESH is the pseudonym employed by Justin K Broadrick for his solo work within the realm of heavy/mutant techno/electronica - informed by industrial, power electronics and the extreme excesses of electronic music driven by beats and bass.



His productions seek a connection between confusion and clarity, they tell a story that brings out emotions in a language that only the soul understands.



The Japanese producer whose influences come mostly from the Noise Scene, began his sonic journey as a singer and guitarist with the experimental avant-garde group called Qujaku. With his s/h/u/y/a solo project he keeps a noise-industrial attitude to his electronic music productions processing of raw materials into scratchy, deep and mental beats.

Takaaki Itoh

Straight from the 90’s Japanese underground scene, he’s one of the most influential artists in the modern labyrinthic sound approach. Raw waves and repetitive tunes create obscure masterpieces.


Astral, dynamic and geometric: these are the key elements that drive the French pioneer’s productions and help him create the perception of being absorbed into a bottomless maelstrom.