Veneer of Tolerance 

JK Flesh


A1. The Stranger

A2. Urge

A3. Human/Nature

B1. Empty Words

B2. Will All Be Done

B3. Veneer of Tolerance

After his contribution to the label's 2nd Anniversary compilation, 
Justin K. Broadrick returns to KR3 with a 6-track solo EP as JK FLESH. 

One of the most legendary names in the British alternative music scene, with a career spanning three decades with various projects such as Godflesh, JK Flesh, Jesu, ZONAL and more, Broadrick has always been able to push the emotional boundaries that lie within us through sonic violence, and yet he strikes once again with this new release. 

VENEER OF TOLERANCE - is pure electronic power, brain-scratching metal techno. 
The album opens its dark doors with a rough intro; a driving speech that Justin himself proclaims to be a manifesto on the irregularity and unpredictability of life. 

From then onwards, the whole album assumes the appearance of a running horse. 
Heavy bass lines with raw resonances feel like an approaching earthquake… A brutal cerebral assault!


Release Date: June 13, 2022


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